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Last week Team Washtech went to the races. This was a Team Building event, and this blog post is a follow up to our first article on team building (see previous post for part 1) as well as a report of our experience. lemon races_teamwashtech

Our goal was to build Team and I was actually surprised at how successful we were. We pretty much got participation from the whole office and several field personnel. Six of us ended up spending the weekend together at “24 Hours of Lemons” and as it turned out our car decided to officially be a Lemon by failing to run consistently without fuel leaks. It would start, run well, and leak fuel like a leaky high pressure swivel at your wash. We would fix the leak (figuring this was all we had to do) then it wouldn’t run…frustrating for our team, deeply challenging, sometimes a little personal, as one fix, and then another and another, (this is absolutely it) failed to get us through our tech inspection required to get the car safely on the track.

All in all, the six of us spent the weekend working hard together for a common goal and all just for fun, not to mention all the Team Washtech members who participated at home. Multiple other teams offered us help, advise, and parts, as well as food and beverage as we endured the weekend with our hood in the air.

Special thanks to “Team Sorry for Party Racing” who put on the entertainment Saturday night including a bar and, DJ, and dancing, and “Team Alfa Romeo Syndicate Eccelente” for feeding the whole infield a delicious pasta and meatball dinner. 24 Hours of Lemons requires themes. There was a Jurassic Park Team, A Team driving a Boat on a car chassis and lots of other fun Themes.

We all wore blue capes. Any guesses as to why?? Net of the event for us is we accomplished our goal of creating Team and even this morning I witnessed folks here at Washtech who don’t normally collaborate working together on designing the next steps on our car.