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How effective is the team? A good team building plan is critical to your business.

As Your Company grows, team style management becomes essential to keep employees enthusiastic and practicing business principles that make your company stand out and deliver the best product. The best of products can fail if not supported by a strong team. A hamburger starts is life far from being consumed, and all along it counts on teams to develop it until it gets to the table. When it gets to the table its depending on the farmers team, The processors team, the transportation team, the wholesalers team, the restaurant team all to produce a mouthwatering experience. van

In the Car Wash business team work is just as critical. A single site self-service operator or a multi-site full service operator and all in between count on teams to be successful. For a self-service operator your team might include your family, your suppliers, local businesses that support your operation. Automatic operators often count on their distributor as part of their team. If you’re a full service operator you have multiple teams, and teams within teams.

At Washtech Team is very important. Over half of our employees do not start their day at one of our facilities. Most of our employees work from home, being dispatched or working an existing schedule. The challenge for us is getting individuals who work by themselves all day to feel like part of a team. Team Washtech is a marketing / buzz phrase that we go to market with. Our trucks are decaled Team Washtech as are our uniforms. We promote team in all ways that we can to insure that all employees feel part of something bigger than themselves and that the work they do reflects on the whole team.

This year we are starting a new team endeavor. We are building a $500 race car. All are welcome and encouraged to participate. It is an after work volunteer endeavor. We have entered a racing event in a league called Lemons Racing http://www.24hoursoflemons.com/

Our first event is August 8th, 9th, and 10th “There goes the Neighborhood “At the New Jersey Motorsports park in Millville N.J. This is 24 hour endurance racing so the goal is more to finish then to win. Because it is a lot of time behind the wheel we will have six drivers. This league is called Lemons racing for a reason. Not counting safety equipment you can only have $500.00 invested in your car. Essentially you have to find a car, buy it, and get it ready to race all for under $500.00. lemon_car

One of our customers created a team and I thought it was a great Team building event. So far we have six drivers and several other folks helping in various ways to get us ready to go racing. All ready I see a bond building between fellow team mates. I am hopeful that this will be a lasting endeavor for Team Washtech and that we will race at lots of Lemons events. Maybe we will get to race your car wash team one day…

Follow our Team on Twitter at #WashTechRacing plus on our Facebook page “link” and on Instagram and YouTube. We may not win, We may not finish, But we will have fun, be silly, and build “TEAM”