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Now I am just saying…

I really enjoyed Mark Ellis’s fine blog on car wash lighting date January 20, 2012  (http://www.washtrends.com/blog/?p=101 )  It was well written and I agree with his comments on the great new styles of car wash lighting available to operators today. It is amazing to me how well you can light up a car wash bay. The one thing that always puzzles me is why people put nice lights in their car wash bays and tunnels and then don’t turn them on. When you go to most car washes they are typically dark during the day and then the dusk to dawn switch activates the lights about the time that its too dark to see.

To me this is way too late. I noticed the other day when I went shopping that the store I went in had the lights on! Can you imagine this?

I went to the car dealership and guess what? They had the lights on too. The cars were gleaming under the lights. So why is it that the majority of the car washes I see only turn the lights on at night?

There is an old saying in the car wash business. ”You can’t sell clean if you are not”. It is not a coincidence that the words dirty, dark, and dingy all are frequently used together.  If you are in the vehicle cleaning business, you love cars. Our customers, those people who wash their cars, typically love them too. They like the way they look when they are clean and shiny. Nothing shows off a cars finish like a little bit of super sealant and a little bit of water. Imagine how good it looks if you turn the lights on! Lots of todays car wash equipment is also very attractive to the eye.

The breweries long ago figured out the appeal of showing off their equipment. Today many car washes feature glassed in equipment rooms where customers can see the guts of the equipment. The new plastic wall treatments create a easy to clean bright bay. We have the perfect set up to create a great customer experience.

A couple of years ago we did an experiment, in a dual automatic bay we turned the lights on during the day in one of the bays and left them out in the other bay. Any guesses?

Today’s car wash lighting is way more efficient then days of old.   If you wash one more car a day because your site looks like it is open, you will have covered the cost of running the lights. So I am just saying…can we turn the lights on?