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Water conservation and cutting costs water conservation

Everyone in the car wash industry is aware of rising water rates. While the subject of reclamation is often discussed as the main way to save water in a car wash, another option has been growing in popularity with savvy operators. For several decades, some IBA manufacturers have been pressurizing presoaks, conditioners, waxes, and sealents. Those manufacturers found that they could significantly reduce water usage and chemical consumption by pressurizing those applications.

The concept is simple, by putting less water on the car, chemical dilution ratios can be maintained or even increased while reducing costs. The pressurization combined with the addition of air through foamer applications creates a paint like performance when applied to the vehicle. Touch free IBA manufacturers have long known that this is the most efficient way to apply car wash solutions.

In a recent example, a 100 ft. conveyor operator converted his exterior tunnel to a high pressure solution application system. This particular operator was able to cut solution costs by 50% while increasing show and performance, as well as significantly reducing the overall water consumption of the site.  At least a half a dozen manufacturers now offer high pressure solution application systems. Your car wash distributor most likely offers discounted pricing on this type of equipment with a solution supply agreement.

Hint: Your distributor might not want to tell you about this offer because it could reduce your purchases from them significantly.